By Fawnia Mondey

With pole dancing earning respect among women worldwide, it has now become a
wonderful form of fitness. Many pole moves are guaranteed to tighten and tone the arms,
back, and give you sexy, defined abdominals. The Kitty Frisk is a wonderful beginner level
pole move. If performed in bare feet, remember to stay on your toes and your calves will
thank you. Let’s get started!

  1. Stand facing the pole with your hands about chest level. (your hands can be placed
    higher or lower if preferred, or one high and one low.)
  2. Place both feet at the base of the pole.
  3. Stand on your toes if you are not in heels. Lean back until both arms are almost
    straight. If you are wearing heels be aware of slipping as you lean back.
  4. Now, arch your back to accentuate your gluts while keeping your chest up. Optional:
    keep your abdominals tight.
  5. Let your right leg bend at the knee while tilting your left hip down. Keep your left leg
    straight. Scoop the hip of the straight leg (your left) up, and repeat on the other side. Frisk
    (or move the hips) about four times each side.

MUSCLES WORKED: arms, abdominals and lower back.