“The right sports bra helps reduce tissue damage caused by poor support during physical activities.”

“Adequate support during physical activity is essential to maintaining a healthy body.”

“To ensure you choose the correct size, you should take the time to measure yourself before you buy a sports bra.”

“For maximum comfort and motion control during exercise a proper fit is important.”

Finding your size:

Chest Size:

Using a tape measure, stand straight in front of a mirror, wearing a bra with no or minimal padding, and measure around your chest, below your arms and above your breasts (where your bra straps meet the top of the bra cup).

Cup Size:

Measure around the fullest part of your breast.

Now subtract your chest measurement from your cup measurement. The difference will determine your true size.

Difference Cup Size

< 1” AA

1” A

2” B

3” C

4” D

5” DD

Credit: ENELL